Sermo – Latin as a living language 2021Q1

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This is a Latin Language Course that follows the Natural Method in an active way for “Advanced Beginners”. The Live online sessions, along with the academic resources, are designed to help students improve Latin use through topics suggested by the students and be able to understand the authors easier.

The Level of this course is “Advanced Beginners”. It fits great for people with some previous knowledge of the Latin Language, as well as those who have just some knowledge of the grammar and the vocabulary but would like to speed their learning by speaking.

Program Description

Ancient, medieval and current topics will be discussed. We will gradually approach Latin texts by acquiring the necessary grammar, vocabulary and expressions through small and easy activities.

Some examples of content covered during this course:

1.- Understand spoken Latin from the teacher and other students.
2.- Use everyday expressions classroom-themed in Latin.
3.- Actively take part on discussions on different topics taken from the Greek or Roman history and mythology.
4.- Make a small presentation in Latin about an easy topic to the rest of the classroom.
5.- Read and discuss classical or medieval texts in Latin.

Required material

The book that we will be using through the course will be the first part of the Lingua Latina per Se Illustrata: Familia Romana. This book contains all the Latin grammar required, and it provides a very gradual path to “easy” Roman authors such as Catullus and Sallust. Although the book starts from the most basic Latin, the famous “Roma in Italia est”, we will be starting our lessons from chapter XX, but if you want to review the first chapters before the course starts it will be very useful.

  • Lingua Latina per se Illustrata pars I: Familia Romana (we’ll start from chapter XX)
  • Exercitia Latina I

Schedule: Monday & Wednesday (January 25th – April 7th)       8.15AM – 9.45AM (Miami) / 14.15 – 15.45 (Europe CET)

The level, time, content or rate doesn´t suit your preferences? Can you just make time to join us for a month? We are interested in supporting the Living Latin community and suiting your needs, so just let us know with this survey! We’ll try to find a solution for you

Or maybe you are in close contact with a latinist group? Let us know and we’ll be glad to talk about collaborations

Do not hesitate to write us to for any comments or suggestions.

Course Content

Time: 12 weeks

Curriculum is empty


Adriana Caballer grew up in Valencia, Spain, where she learned to speak Latin in her local high school La Morería. Later she attended two summers the courses in the Accademia Vivarium Novum in Rome and after that she started her studies on Classical Philology in the Universidad de València. She stayed in Thessaloniki for one year and once she graduated she took a Master’s degree on Latin poetry in Madrid, with a disertation on Ovid’s Heroides. She is currently studying a Master on pedagogy.


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